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<Researcher>Emma Healy</Researcher>
<heading2>What are the English language needs of recent immigrants to Cork city and are those needs being met?</heading2>
<body>As a teacher of ESL (English as a second language) and a digital humanities student, I am interested in researching an area that will combine previously learned skills with the tools and methodologies that I am currently studying, and applying that research to create a valuable digital artifact.
English language proficiency is generally viewed as necessary and desirable for integration into Irish culture. The number of immigrants moving to and settling in Cork is composed of returning Irish nationals, migrants from EU member states and refugees and asylum seekers. The last 2 groups are the most vulnerable and according to the Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner, there was an increase of 126% in refugee status applications in 2015 with some 3,276 applications received compared to 1,448 applications in 2014.
I intend to research and review the English language resources available to refugees and asylum seekers and establish relationships with bodies such as NASC and The Welcome English Centre with a view to carrying out a survey aimed at establishing the needs of asylum seekers and refugees. Finally, I would like to create an artifact, possible a website which shall be informed by the results of my research.

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